Waste Upcycling Training Course

21-29 March 2023, Spain

Open for 2 VSA members

VSA Monthly Meeting 11-2022

Welcome special guests> partners from Ratjaprajanugroh 24 School (Teacher Worakan, Teacher Nisathoern, Teacher Worakan) and Phaya Lo school (Teacher Tanyaluk). Adivisor (Teacher Diyaporn), partner and host family from ICL Korat (Teacher Krittikan) and VSA Team. Thank you for the great coorperation!

Roxane volunteer from France work as a Rescue Team Assistant between 11-25 November 2022 with Tongsia Siangteung Foundation Some Pics from Tongsia Siangteung Foundation

11-18 November2022

6 Partners from Itsly, Spain Cambodia Croatia Thailand and India gatherd to deplyoed the new project in Ruchi, India

Member corner#1.mp4

VSA Members' Corner#1

Date: 19-20 November 2022

Place: Hatyai Park, Folklore Museum,Samila Beach

Language practicing and having international friends by weekend journeys

French Volunteer in Rescue Team Assistant project