Community Development Home Stay

Hello my name is Niko and I come from the Netherlands. I chose to do voluntary work because I like to help people and it was a nice opportunity to explore Thailand. In the 2 weeks of voluntary work we did a lot of things. We learned the local children a little English and they enjoyed it very much. We teached the children every day from 9 till 12 and after that we had a break from 12 till 2. After the break we would do another activity like helping on a farm, making coffee, helping clean places, making curry and visiting temples. Helping on a farm was a really nice experience because that type of work is very rare in the Netherlands because everything in the Netherland is machinised. I thought that making coffee was the most fun because I really liked the making of it and drinking it afterwards, it was really nice coffee by the way but a bit strong. I thought that cleaning was at least fun activity because its something you can do in the Netherlands, but I’m really happy I did it. Helping people makes me feel good about myself.

Making curry and visiting temples was really fun because it was a really nice cultural experience. Seeing what kind of work people do is really interesting because all these kinds of food we eat in the Netherlands are from places in Thailand like these. It was also really nice to see the religious part of Thailand. In the temples a did a little bit of praying as you can see on the picture down below. Beside these kind of activity I really enjoyed teaching the local children. For me it was a way of helping the children and also bettering my English. I teached them a lot of words by showing pictures with the name underneath. After I told them the words a few times I put my hand on the name and tested them to see if they knew the word. They really liked this. Another game I played a lot was memory. By playing this game they betterd their vocabulary. In the beginning of each lesson we often started with a energizer to let them wake up. During the lesson of 3 hours we usually took 2 breaks of about 10 to 15 minutes.

Niko Rosbergen, VSA2310-3 Community Development/Home Stay - Songkhla 16-28/10/23