Things are falling in the right place. 

This month might be the happiest I have so far in Thailand.

From the moment I arrived at Rajaprajanugroh 50 School, I had a good feeling. And no, my mind wasn´t tricking me back then. It was the beginning of something awesome. 

It's been almost 2 months since I arrived here already and only 1 month left. Time flies.

However, June was the first full month I spent here. I adapted myself more and more with each day passing. I was able to build a connection to the students. And with the experience, I was able to improve my teaching skills at this school. Some students show a lot of effort in my lessons, and you can see the motivation to really learn a new language. And not just a random language, it is the second most spoken language in the world. 

It gives us the opportunity to connect to people from far away which helps us to learn and unite as one people. Speaking English is just a great tool to have, and it will enhance your life in a positive way. I try to point that out to my students, especially to those that may show less effort. It is normal to have different levels of engagement by the students, but my goal is to make everyone better, even though it requires some patience. On the other hand, I want them to take me seriously and listen to my advice. And yes, many students did approve, by every week which makes me happy and is the main goal.

My mom's side of the family is from Hungary, and they can't speak English at all. They can't communicate with my father or other friends and when they travel outside of the country, they struggle with the language barrier. 

But not just that can be frustrating. Also, in terms of your future career path.

As globalization is getting bigger and bigger, we rely more and more on a common way of communication and that is the English language. 

But of course, I cannot and don´t want to force the students. I can only encourage myself! At the end of the day, everything is in their hands.

Although teaching is my main task here, I enjoy other activities a lot!

For example, playing sports with the students, talking with them about food or helping in the Garden. There are a lot of things to do here. And if you ever get bored…Khon Kaen is not far away for a short getaway on a Saturday.

I used to struggle a bit with loneliness at times but since I have gotten here it really went away. I feel like the people here are a second family. They take great care of me, and we share lots of positivity daily.

A special memory of this month was the cultural day, where all teachers dressed up in traditional clothing. It was a fun day and a unique experience.

I like my teaching schedule as it includes a healthy balance of classes and other activities. 

And to fill some gaps, I truly enjoy the little things here, like drinking a cup of coffee at a coffee shop close to school or eating some amazing local food.

June was truly a blessing and I appreciate every day here.

Maybe July will be July just as great! See you in the next storytelling.

Vincent, volunteer from Germany in ICL Khonkan Project (RPK50) August 2022- August 2023