February’s Report

         This month was my last month in Romania with this project. I thought that I saw a lot and would not see something new, but I’m totally wrong! This month I’ve travel outside Brasov by myself. It seems scary at first, but since I understood basic Romanian little bit. This was very excited!

         I went to Sibiu to see 3 types of churches, all of them were beautiful in their own way. Grand square, the bridge of lies, and I went to see Sibiu from the top of the church which made the town seem like a little lego town immediately. Then, I went to Astra museum, where I enjoyed a winter sun while explored all kind of houses thought-out time and region in Romania. I liked this place very much! I also went to small but yet beautiful called Sighisoara, This is a UNESCO town as well. It was very small that I just spent 2 hours in the old town. Then, I went to a big city called Cluj-Napoca which I spent time trying food, admiring art and history museums, going for a walk to see monuments and churches.

         After that I went back to Brasov, I had my meditation workshop in the youth center, turned out that lots of youngsters were focusing on improving themselves mentally and physically more and more. The youth center here was the space for them to meet up and A something together outside their friend group. That’s why I went to another room in the youth center to join with Brasov scout Organization. This is a new information for me that Scout in other countries are considered as an organization, not a mandatory subject in school curriculum. Interesting. Moreover, I went to Rasnov city to tell them about Thai culture. Students there liked it very much! We learned how to write their names in Thai, Thai greeting and animal. After that I went to see Rasnov citadel, a big fortress on the mountain near the school.
         This is one of my great experiences in my life to stay as a volunteer here in Brasov , Romania. I’ve learned lots of new things which can adapt in my daily basis. I would recommend everyone to do some volunteer work. I’m sure that you would like it. Thanks!