Songkhla Toward World Heritage Site

The purpose of my mission was to attend English classes with the staff of the Folklore Museum located on Ko Yo Island near the city of Songkhla, in Songkhla province. Additionally, I took photos and videos of the region, artworks displayed in the museum to help them create content for their website or social media platforms.

I started my week by arriving at the dormitory of Thaksin University, where I shared a room with two interns also working at the museum. We got along very well quickly, and we were able to make our first visit to the museum. There were also university students who were studying English or history. So, we could communicate very well, and they also gave me a detailed tour of the museum, from which I learned a lot about the region.

I also went on a 2-day trip with other students to Phatthalung province, which allowed me to explore the surroundings of Songkhla, create new content, and communicate with other students.

By Mai-Ly Lehoux (ไมลีย์ เลอฮู), Volunteer in VSA2405 Songkhla Toward World Heritage Site  6-18/05/24