2 weeks of overseas volunteer work in Thailand 

Before starting our long two-week journey in Thailand, the first thing that greeted us was the hot sun and humidity. The host who welcomed us at the meeting point seemed shy. However, while staying with us for two weeks, we were able to see his own charm. Our upcycling would not have been complete without him. When I came to Thailand and experienced upcycling, which cannot be experienced in Korea, I was able to feel the unique charm of upcycling. Over the weekend, I met with Thai college students who like Korea, had cultural exchanges, and was able to experience the lives of Thai college students firsthand. When I returned, I worked with several overseas volunteer centers in Germany, Italy, and Korea. Although we each had our own cultures, we were able to have a harmonious time while respecting and understanding each other. ‘Travel the world’. Anyone can do this if they have the money and time, but I don’t think that ‘overseas volunteering’ is something that everyone can do. A journey with the purpose of service rather than travel develops a solid mindset. I recommend ‘VSA’ to those of you who face difficult and diverse challenges ahead.