Encounters with the students 

In the beginning of June Kru Nui asked me if she could practice her English by talking to me. Since then, we have met in the evenings to go for a walk around the school. I have been enjoying this very much. It´s very interesting to talk to her and hear her perspective on different topics. 

When I am walking with her, more students come up to me. I think they are less shy to practice their English since there is a Thai teacher that can help them.

Gia is one of my students in third grade. She is very happy and excited to learn English. Whenever she sees me, she comes up to me. It’s been very nice getting to know her. 

Although she only knows some words in English and my Thai isn’t that good, we still find a way to communicate. Either by using gestures and expressions or we use the translator. 

It has been fun seeing her get better at speaking English. I furthermore feel like she has been participating more in class.

I had another encounter with a student from M 5. A student came up to Alena and me. She talked to us about Philip, Alena’s brother that had recently stayed at school. She wanted to gift him a keychain since he would turn 17 soon. She decided to gift all the volunteers something. I received a keychain with some flowers. 

It had been very nice getting to know some of the students better. 

By Ann, volunteer from Germany in ICL Phayao Project (RPK24) August 2022- August 2023