My impressions of the Youth Exchange 

Tiwa Wannasin, One of Participants in Youth Exchange, Nepal 

I am so glad I get to make new friends from the other five countries. We exchanged our knowledge of languages and traditions. I also got to taste many delicious foods from other countries. Throughout the camp, I had a great time with my teammates, like we were one, our work came out amazing because of our teamwork.

Although it was a little chaotic, Nepal is a country that is full of traditions. The beauty of nature we woke up to each day, clear sky, and calm wind helped soothe my heart.

I also enjoyed the scenery of the mountains. For some activities, we could take a tour of the city and do some sightseeing around the village. It was really fun.

The activities were impressive. We learned about how to use existing things to create new products, Business Model Design, and nature-related stuff.

The most fun part was when we did the Rally activity. We did a group mission in the village with the Nepalese as our group leader. The leader taught us about the life of Nepalese and guided us to meet the locals. After we finished the mission, we presented what we had learned, then we wrote our own songs. The activities made us use our brains and powers. Since everyone was so full of energy, we were all energized when we were together doing activities. We not only got more knowledge, but we also got smiles on our faces.

Lastly, I was surprised by the local foods. Their ingredients, herbs, and spices made a perfect combination. The vegetarian dishes that I like the most are fried veggies. MOMO is one of the vegetarian dishes and Lassi is a food made with milk. These are two dishes that you cannot miss when you go to Nepal.