Tea in Thailand

19 May 2021 l Jarinya Krittikan

Tea is one of the popular drinks in Thailand. But there were no concrete evidences when the tea was starting in Thailand. Obviously we call "Cha" which mean 'tea' in Thailand. Since there are 2 traveling Tea History routes from the countries in the world that call "Tea" and "Cha". In the Picture we can see that Tea could be influence from "Silk Road trading" and the oldest proof from Simon de La Loubère's letter (the Ambassador from France) in 1678 written that Siam (Thailand Now) had Tea culture in the capital and often seen that they were making tea to welcome their guests.

Tea & Cha

In the picture, Tea spread to the countries that has sea contact. But "Cha" spread to countries that has land contact.

In the past, Thailand had trade contact via "Silk Road Trading" from western.

Easily called as

Tea, if by Sea

Cha, if by land

Now there are many kinds of tea in Thailand both import and export the herbal tea from Thailand to the world.

Coincidentally, before International Tea day 2021, I had been producing my own tea at home during the 3rd round Covid-19 pandemic in Thailand which government encourage

Thai residences to stay mostly at home.

Pandan Leaves and Jasmine Rice Tea

Pandan Leaves

Compound tea from Pandan leaves and Jasmine rice

Jasmine Rice

These compound tea made from Pandan leaves and Jasmine Rice. Pandan is the popular herb in Thailand that used for cooking in food and dessert. With the typical smell it is perfectly well with coconut milk. The reason that Pandan leaves have been brewed together with Jasmine Rice because in the small amount of pandan leaves could not bring much aroma but Jasmine rice and Pandan combination will be touch of Jasmine rice first and after finish siping the aroma of Pandan will end your sib with pleasantries.

Kasalong Flower Tea

Kasalong or Peep flowers has the very deep relaxing scent. So when I was joking in the park , I saw abound of fallen Kasalong flowers that could make my dream aroma tea come true.

Enjoy your Tea!