Rajaprajanugroh 50 School Education for Disadvantaged Children Project

Think Bigger Volunteering in Thailand Episode 2

Agata Klijewska A Polish volunteer who participated the activities in Thailand for 6 months in Think Bigger project from 1 October 2019 - 1 April 2020

November brought a lot more new situations, events, people and places than I could ever have imagined. What thrilled me the most - they were all one of a kind.

New people

The beginning of the month meant for me the beginning of a new project in a completely new place, 1,400 kilometers away from the previous one. Equally important - it meant new project participants, who turned out to be great companions of travel into the unknown! Low from Hong Kong and Mathieu from France became my new international friends and it was with them that I started this interesting project near Khon Kaen.

New place

After five intense Orientation Days, during which we were primarily getting to know each other, but also visited Thaksin University and a local primary school, attended the local temple festival, and finally spent the afternoon in the charming Songkhla and visited the night market, we were ready to go on the project.

R.P.G. 50

From the very beginning our new place, Rajaprajanugroh 50 School,  has become our home. First of all, because of the people we met here - very hospitable and welcoming teachers, friendly students and helpful staff. Despite the fact that we hardly spoke our languages, we found a way to communicate effectively.

The school itself is located in a very large area, which houses not only school buildings but also dormitories, canteens, playgrounds, outdoor gym, garden, arable fields, ponds and everything you can imagine. In a nutshell - you can't get bored here!

New experience

The project also came with a bunch of new experiences. Starting from the new role of a teacher-photographer in a Thai school, participation in the school's life, all events organized by it (Buddhist such as the Loy Krathong festival or secular ones like Flag Week or haymaking) to new eating and customs habits. The November's nickname is: "everything new".

I can’t wait for December!