Time for Tea

Young people, tea and the future of the world


Time for Tea is an educational activity which uses tea to give young people a voice. It encourages global learning, creative thinking and social action. It is simple, fun and accessible to people of any age, background or ability, anywhere in the world. Time for Tea is an initiative of Momentum World CIC.

Recent events such as Greta Thunberg’s school strikes and the Extinction Rebellion movement have not only captured headlines but also shown how necessary it is to find new and smarter ways to allow young people to speak out on the issues that matter to them, and to create a workable dialogue between them and older generation decision makers. This is what Time for Tea does, with the added advantage that this dialogue can be located within, not outside, the education process.

Why tea?

- Tea brings people together. It is enjoyed in different cultures all round the world.

- When busy people have a cup of tea, they stop and relax for a moment – the perfect time to listen and think.

- The medium of tea allows young people to initiate dialogue with decision makers in a way that is engaging and non-confrontational.

The Virtual Kick Off Meeting

The virtual Kick Off meeting of "Time for Tea" Project was run last 3-4 March 2021 with 6 partners from United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, India, Philipines and Thailand. All members team concluded to suspeand the project  during Covid-19 Pandemic. 

21 May 2021 is International Tea Day, Read about Thai tea story and a little home made tea story in Thailand Here. 

6-15 June 2022 Himachal Pradesh India

Local Events in Thailand

Stop Bulling from TSU 

Ocean Degradation from TSU 

Mental Health from TSU 

Work Life Balance from NRSU

Asian Hate from NRSU

Bullying from NRSU