January’s Report

Festive holiday has been passed, but the vibe was still in the air. Brasov town was keeping a Christmas tree and night lights on until the middle of the month. I had a short free time, so I traveled in and nearby Brasov. I went to an art museum which exhibited wonderful exhibitions. I went to admire magnificent paintings by well-known Romanian artist named Stefan Popescu. His works were hard to take my eyes off of them. Moreover, I went to Busteni, a small town near Brasov, to see a famous castle called Cantacuzino Castle (People known this castle from series called Wednesday). It was very nice. This castle also had an exhibition upstairs which was lots of more arts to see.

After a short holiday ended, I began to do an activity again. Like I said earlier, I came here to be a workshop facilitator and to promote the Brasov Youth Center. So, I went to schools there and talked about the facility and activity that they could use and attend without any fees. Besides, we talked about environment problem that occurring around Romania and Thailand. We also talk about Thailand Too! They liked it very much! Some of them said that they wanted to go there and try mango sticky rice. I hope they will comae someday.

I had my monthly activity with children again this month. I taught them how to play Pong Pang, and word games, and I also told them Thai fathom stories. Moreover, we exchanged some folklore story, and I learned more from them than they learned something from me. After that they made a snowman in the backyard. I tried to build one but it was very difficult to make. Doesn’t seem easy like it look at all!
The snow was falling heavier and heavier at the end of the month. The weather was in the minus every day. I was very struggle with this but still was excited to see snow all the town.  I can’t wait to see next month. Bye!