Go Green October Report

Hello everyone! I’m Ping, Chanidapa Suttigul. I came to Romania to work as a voluntary in “Go Green! – Development of Youth work & Sustainability” project at Brasov, Romania.

It was a  nerve-wracking at first  because this is my first time going abroad, and I have to stay here for 5 months. Different country, language, culture almost made me give up this opportunity, but I thought maybe it’s not that bad, and it’s is not! 

It’s been a month since I lived in Brasov, Romania. Everything is new to me, I’ve learned lots of things every single day. I like to walk around the city admiring Medieval architectures. This city is rich in culture and proper ways of living. Now autumn in October become my new favorite season for sure.

I’m able to adapt my life pretty quickly because I have a strong support system here. People are so nice and  accommodating which make me comfortable and feel safe living alone in this place.

My main job is to organize activities for youth people about environmental sustainability and other subjects for them, in order to have life-long learning with strong community as well.

Moreover, I have participate as a volunteer in other organizations.  One of them is Carpaterra, which is an organization focusing on  nature and historical sites. I went hiking with them to make signs in the wood, and it’s very excited to help them with their good deed.

Another organization that I’ve been participated with is AGAPEDIA. This organization focusing  on emotional development for early adolescence children. We’re having fun time together hiking and learning some Thai things together. I will participate with the activities once a month. Love it!

There is still 4 months before this project end but I know there will be just a blink of an eye for me. I hope to experience tons of things in the future, and I would share it to you guys to know. See you next month!