My one month experience in Thailand 

Isabelle Sofia Samlidou, volunteer from Germany in ICL Khonkan Project (RPK50) August 2023- August 2024

Thailand is a really welcoming and interesting country. The people are really nice. When we first came to Phayao the principal took us out to a Restaurant. The food was also really delicious. It also seemed like the people are really interested in getting to know you. Furthermore, it is really important to Cover your shoulders and knees when going to school. This Shows a certain respect to the institution and it seems like the people in Thailand are really respectful people. 

When coming to Khon kaen we immediately connected with two teachers there.They drove us to the night market and the mall. It was really nice spending time with them, even though we didn't fully understand each other. But this was no problem. You can always find a way to break the communication barrier with the use of the Internet, or non-verbal signs. Another important lesson I learned in Thailand is that you really have to watch your health first. 

Unfortunately my health got worse here because of the hot temperature. Circulatory problems are a daily struggle for me. So it is really important to stay hydrated and to search for a quick solution. Despite the fact that I was sick most of the time when I went out, my teacher is really caring and everyone likes to help. The students are also really nice. They have a really excited attitude. However they are also really helpful. On my first day in Khon kaen the students helped me to carry my bags into my room. It was a really heartwarming experience. 

Another nice memory was going to the supermarket with two teachers and another two volunteers. When we went back, we sang some old Songs and they even taught us a Song from Khon kaen. We laughed and had a very good time, even though it was just a trip to the supermarket. 

We also went to the night market on that day and tried some exotic foods. That means we tried insects for the first time.It was really interesting but I personally didn't like it. Another nice experience was going to the temple in Khon kaen. The only temple that has a square shape, meanwhile all the other temples have a round shape. 

I went there with another volunteer and we even got a tour from a teacher and his Students. The teacher could speak English really well and the Tour was really informative. He told us everything about the history of this temple and the students were also really nice and a little shy. 

Afterwards we took a grab and went to the central plaza. There I wanted to buy some groceries and I had a really nice chat with a worker at a beauty store. 

This was one of the moments when I realized that the people in Thailand are way more open to other people than in Germany. 

In Thailand everything is easy going and spontaneous, even the school activities. In the first week, we went to the activity on mothers day and also saw the traditional side of Thailand. 

Thailand is a really religious country. In every car there is a Symbol for protection. In the school there are many temples and prayer is really important here. 

Everything here is really colorful and joyous. 

It is really sad that I didn't get to experience more until now because of my circulatory problems but I hope for the best in the future.