VSA-TSU buddy program 

Buddy Program with VSA Thailand volunteers ( German, Italian & Korean) 

I am so honored that I have been given a chance to express the feelings for this program with 5 buddies—1 German, 2 Italians, and 2 Koreans—who are friendly and approachable. In the morning, first, we excitedly waited for the buddies coming from Hat Yai at the bus stop in front of Thaksin University. When they arrived, we welcomed & led them to the R. 15402. Then we had an introduction which made Thai students and the buddies better know one another.

Next, we shared our national anthems. And P’Wildan presented about Thailand, so the international buddies could get some of Thai cultural background. After that, the buddies shared some knowledge about their country. When finished, we danced together, and had the missions to do around the university. Afterwards, we had lunch.

In the afternoon, we went to Songkhla old town by Tuk-Tuk. We got the missions such as taking a photo with the beautiful street art or with tourists there. After we finished all the missions, we went to Samila beach to make there spotless by collecting trash thrown away by those who has such a lack of responsibility.

During the program, I was having lots of fun and glad that I was brave enough to join this one which I had to interact new people with different ages, languages, nationalities, & religions. This program would not exist if we were not supported by VSA Thailand, so I would like to thank you so much for giving this kind of opportunity. Finally, as always, I want to encourage students who want to develop themselves; just be courageous and embrace this kind of opportunity.

Reporter: Sirawit Wijitrat, Ed. Eng. sophomore

Date: Sun. 21/1/2024 ( 10.15-16.30 p.m.)