VSA Members' Corner#2 

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VSA Members' Corner#2

ท่อง Hatyai Episode

Date: 3-4 December 2022

Place: Hatyai Park, Science Museum


ท่อง Hatyai program.

Language practice and having international friends by weekend journeys.

Hello! Guys. This weekend, we took an opportunity to be volunteers guiding the two foreign tourists, Ms.Marta and Ms.Laura who are cute, beautiful and smart(requested from them to add this info.), to recognize and to get good moments in Hatyai which they never forget after going back.

On Saturday (03/12/2022)

This day, the first place we took them to is the big and local market, Kim Yong, where many tourists buy some local goods to bring back to their home. At this place, we just had a good and historical talk with them about the history of local products sold there such as where they come from, or what they are usually used for, etc. After visiting Kim Yong, we had lunch at some restaurant near the Chao Doi café where VSA in Hatyai organizes, then we continuously took them to the museum in PSU in order to learn various and intriguing strains of creatures, so we learnt a lot from them. Despite of extremely bad weather, the day could end well.

On Sunday (04/12/2022)

This is the final day of being the volunteer guides in ท่องHatyai. Fortunately, the weather was kind of much better, so we were really willing to make them satisfied as much as possible by guiding them to Hatyai City Municipal Park as the first place. While we were surrounding there, we nearly got onto the top of the mountain, named Kho Hong. At that place, we had visited Hatyai City Bodhisattva Guanyin and Katyayana as the Chinese architectures and shared the religious knowledge with each other, and one of the tourists had also bought the Chinese-doctrinal souvenir from there for taking back to home before we went down and had a noodle for lunch. Then we went to Central Festival Hatyai for having a special meal, Pizza, as thanks for the volunteer guides making them have good memories in Hatyai.

We really desire to thank VSA Thailand that brought this good kind of chances being a volunteer guide because it efficiently improves our English speaking skill and increases our self-confidence talking to foreigners as well.

Eventually, We want to persuade anyone who wants to develop their English speaking skill and admires to interact with foreigners to try this as the opportunity which VSA usually brings to us.

Please seize it!

And let's improve our English together.