New Year Camp in Chiangdao Mountain
30 December  2023 - 2 January 2024
Muang Khong, Chiang Dao, Thailand

Mission: Bring Happiness in New Year season to the villagers  and Supporting activities for Kids in New Year Celebrating Event

Doi Chiang Dao is the third highest peak in Thailand located in Chiang Dao district, Chiangmai. The activities will be with students in the school and children in the village. Volunteers will bring Happiness in the New Year season to the villagers.

This area is a rural area in Northern Thailand which lacks warm clothes or blankets in the winter. Most of the villagers are the hill tribes in a very remote area.

No Need special skills to volunteer in this camp, just the very motivation because the camp site is located in a high mountain, the traveling time will be half-half of being there time. 

Meeting point at Bts Mochit 30 December 2023; 19:00

Terminal: Bangkok Airport ( there are 2 airport in Bangkok > Suvarnabhumi Airport  and Donmueng Airport 

Bring Happiness in New Year season to the villager: Happy New Year 2024


30 December 2023 (travelling Day)

19:00 Meeting point at Bts Mochit , we will travel by Van

31 December 2023

05:30 Arrive Chiangmai

06:00 Refreshment and Breakfast

08:30 Continue travel to Chiang Dao

13:00 Arrive at Muang Khong change to the Pick up car up to the mountain

14:00 Arrive the camp site, settle in the accommodation, preparation meeting, pack the gift for kids, install the event area

18:00 Supper with villager and start New Year gift exchange with kids and local

20:00 Outdoor cinema

23:00 Preparation for count Down activities, Star watching with the kids while counting down

00:30 Ending activities / resting

1 January 2024

07:00 Breakfast

08:00 Wrap up

09:00 New Year Gift for villager, Free blanket and warm jacket for villagers

10:30 Sightseeing in the village, trekking, learning local culture

18:00 Dinner

20:00 Evening activities

2 January 2024 (Departure Day)

07:00 Breakfast

08:00 Preparing to leave, clearing the place

09:00 Departure, going down the mountain by pick up car

11:30 Arrive at Chiang Dao and Lunch, then continue travel to Chiangmai, we will arrive Bangkok very late night

Total participants: 30

Participation Fee; 8,000 Baht include

There is the Covid-19 standard measurement

Accommodation will be in the village, small mattress, toilet in the school and in the villagers house, please note this is remote area, the accommodation will be very local and nature style.

What to bring

Please Note: This is a Thai camp, the main language will be in Thai but there will be a VSA volunteer to assist you during the activities. You will represent international volunteers, make yourself as the country ambassador, try to make conversation with local Thai and Thai campers then they would improve their English indirectly.