Experiencing Thailand

The differences between my life in Germany and Thailand could not be much greater. Nature, people, culture, climate and food. At first, it was all quite overwhelming.

I was often afraid of putting my foot in my mouth or unknowingly offending someone because of mmy cluelessness. Fortunately, though, Thai people are very patient with us and are happy for us to make the effort to learn Thai or enjoy their food. (And it's really not hard to do, especially the latter!).

I have been here in Thailand for about a month now and I am already looking forward to the following eleven months that I will spend here as a volunteer English teacher. I even had the chance to gain some teaching experience already, as my fellow volunteers and I were invited to a school in Chiang Rai. There, we had the opportunity to interact with different age groups of students and to learn more about Thai culture. For example, I now know that food plays a big role here and that you can express your affection by buying or preparing food for another person.

Another big difference compared to Germany is, as already mentioned, the humid and warm climate here in Thailand, but I already got used to it within the first two weeks. The humidity here also ensures that all plants bloom in a vibrant green. I get amazed every time I drive past impressive landscapes like tropical forests or misty peaks.

One thing I haven't gotten used to yet is the spicy food. Of course, it still tastes good, even though my whole mouth is on fire within seconds. Just a little tip to all of you who are not used to spicy food either: When Thai people say that the food is just a little bit spicy, have a glass of milk ready, because you will need it. Also, I can recommend Pad Kra Pao and noodle soup with fried pork. I could live on that for the rest of my life.

But what I like most about Thailand is neither the beautiful landscapes nor the delicious (sometimes spicy) food. It is much more the people here, who always meet you with a smile. No wonder Thailand is internationally known as the "Land of Smiles". It is still a bit strange at times to find our way around, especially since we are often noticed because of our appearance, but fortunately I have not had any negative experiences in this regard

so far. In fact, it's more like our European trains are considered beautiful here. All in all, I am really satisfied with my life here in Thailand. Thanks to the hospitality and the efforts of the other teachers, I feel like home in this foreign country. I can hardly wait to see how the next time here will go. Above all, I am grateful to be able to have such experiences that I would never have dared to dream of before. I am excited about what the future and Thailand have in store for me.