Turning point 

I think this is my most special storytelling so far. January was a turning point for me personally, as I experienced many emotions. I had a tough time during December and early January, It felt like everything in my daily life became negative. Living on the countryside in a remote area has a lot of upsides but also brings some challenges with itself. It is easy to feel isolated after some time. It is harder to make friends here than in the city and there are not many free time activities available. 

Although it was a tough time, I realized that this can be a part of living abroad and difficult times will lead to personal growth. I started new daily habits and after some time I got much better. I came back to become the person I used to be. After experiencing these difficulties I feel much stronger now and I cant wait for the second half of my year in Thailand. 

The semester will be over soon. The students are making progress in the classroom which makes me happy as well. Besides that I developed a great friendship with one of the teachers. He helped me a lot during the difficult times and I am truly thankful for that. It is the kindness of the people here which makes this place truly special. It`s something that I won`t forget. 

Boxing in the evening with some of the students has been a lot of fun as well and helped me getting my mind fixed. 

In the end I am thankful for the good and bad times during this month. I learned a lot of life lessons that I can keep for the future.

Let`s see what the next months hold I can´t wait.