the Nomination of Klongla Agriculture Volunteer 

Lakana Rodtrakul, VSA Thailand's President was approved to be the Representative of Klongla Agriculture Volunteer by Songkhla Provincial Administrative Organization. There will be cooperation on the agriculture field between VSA Thailand and Songkhla Provincial Administrative Organization's network in the future to push Songkhla agriculture to international level. 

the KhokMuang Credit Union Cooperative Committee 

Laksana Rodtrakul, VSA Thailand's President is also KhokMuang Credit Union Cooperative Committee (Administrative Department Committee) 2023-2024 

18-30 December 2023 Klonghoikhong Songkhla Thailand

Klongla, Klonghoikhong, Songkhla 28 December 2023 

3-12 December 2023 Songkhla, Thailand

Nan, Thailand; 2-5 December 2023 

2 September 2023 at International Convention Center Hatyai 

22-26 August 2023. RPK 24 Phayao; 3 German Weltwaerts program with Thai Teachers in ICL project

14-26 August 2023 Songkha, Thailand 

1-5 August 2023. RPK 24 Phayao 3 German Weltwaerts program with 1 former Weltwarts volunteers in ICL project 

InterCultural and Language Camp; 1-31 July RPK 24 Phayao, Thailand

Partners>WCIA, RPK24 school, Anuban Pong School, Phayao school

Peace Village camp 17-29/07/23 Community Development camp 17-29/07/23 IcterCultural and Language camp 23-29/07/23; Learning HOME Songkhla Thailand

10-19 July 2023

Maechaem, Chiangmai Thailand

2-23 July 2023

Raychaburi, Thailand

19-22 June 2023 hosted by VSA Thailand with the cooperation of partner's countries, CSDS Vietnam, Yupi Portugal and Brașov Romania. The project funded by Erasmus+ program 

5-19 June 2023 Songkhla 5 Italians, 3 Thais, 1 Austrain and 2 Chineses 4 Local schools, 1 university, The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) Songkhla, 2 CSR organization, TNN Thailand National Television, 1 Mulnicipality 

10-14 June 2023, 17 participants from Vietnam partiicpated in World Heritage Volunteer program and additional activity, Forest Restoration, Chiangmai Thailand. 

1-10 May 2023; Participants from 4 partners countries VSA Thailand, Romania, Vietnam and hosted by Portugal

Waste Upcycling Camp in 4 countries

VSA2304 Culture/Songkran Festival & Living Organic Garden - Songkhla 10-22/04/23 

One Year program in InterCultural and Language project.
27 February - 3 March 2023 Chiangmai, Thailand 

Lisa-Maria Leonhartsberger from Germany in Ban Krok Luk and Baan Maab Grad school. 

VSA Podcast: Time forTea

26 January 2023, 15:10 - 16:00

FM 90.5 MHz  I  Radio Thailand Songkhla

ท่อง Hatyai Episode3

Date: 28 January 2023

Place: Songkhla Museum, Tangkuan Hill


ท่อง Hatyai program.

Language practice and having international friends by weekend journeys.

21-30 March 2023 16 Participants from 4 partners countries VSA Thailand, Romania, Portugal and hosted by Vietnam 

21-29 March 2023 6 Partners from Italy, Thailand, Cambodia, Croatia and India hosted by Spain Organization

9-21 January 2023, Songkhla Thailand