Holidays in Thailand

In October we had holidays. Céline and I went to Bangkok together. We took a six and a half hours bus ride to get there. But fortunately the bus was really comfortable so we had a good time on our way. Bangkok is totally different from Khon Kaen. In Bangkok there are lots more tourists and we saw a lot of other German people too. In the tourists places of the city you see a lots of Tuk Tuks. We saw many temples, the temples are really impressive, they are big and look really beautiful. In the night they where shining golden and one temple even sparkled. We also went to the big golden Buddha. On the way there we witness unexpectedly a ceremony. From near the Buddha even looked more impressive. We also went to the famous temple Wat Arun. There were lots of tourist, but overall the temple was really interesting. We also had a day trip to visit the pink dragon temple, which was a bit further away. The temple was really beautiful and we even went all the way up to the top, from which we had a great view.

From the terrace at the Icon Siam, a really big and famous shopping mall, we had a great view over Bangkok. We went there in the evening and the city looked really stunning with all the high buildings and the lights. In the Icon Siam there is the famous waterfall. We needed some time to find it first, but when we saw it, it was really beautiful with all the lights, colours and patterns. We visited other malls as well, there were all a little bit different, so it wasn’t boring. At the 21 Terminal, they had a different theme at every floor, that was really cool, it felt like I wasn’t in Bangkok anymore. Bangkok also has a lots of really sweet cafes. We went to so many cafes and it never was boring, because every cafe had it unique style. Our first accommodating was near the Khao San road. There were always many tourists and much action, sometimes it was to much going on. We also went to some festivals and listened to Tpop music. I really liked the music. On the end of October there where some Halloween concerts. And I saw some really scary Halloween costumes. 

Janne Bonatz, volunteer from Germany in ICL Khonkan Project (RPK50) August 2023- August 2024