Think Bigger Volunteering in Portugal Episode 4

Piyarat Kittiwat or Palm

A Thai volunteer who participate the activities in Portugal for 6 months. The last one of Thai volunteer who came back from abroad after Covid in 2020

Duration 10 September 2019 - 9 March 2020

This month is the last month of my volunteer life, and it’s been an emotional lately. Here, everyone make me feel like home, they all are like family to me. Even I prepare for this, but in my last day, I cry a lot. That’s why I’m really sure that I will return to Portugal someday.

I also have opportunities to host Safiq from India. I have opportunity help YUPI team to manage little program for his staying and I think it’s a good opportunity to learn YUPI style of working. Firstly, we have a meeting and plan all the activities and chose people in charge. Then the main person will release the electronic plan/schedule via email to keep everybody on the same page and also for everyone to be able to immediately see it when the plan is changed. This way, we also can reduce paper usage too. Then finally, they create social platform for everyone to communicate during the project. During the hosting, we found unpredictable situations many time, but that make me learn how to make it better for the next time. I also learned a lot of the culture differences from Safiq, even we both are from Asia but our believe, lifestyle and culture are far different.

During his stay, we have interesting activities with Marta and other volunteers’ friends of mine. We visit Viana do Castelo District to surf. That’s the first time for me, and I really enjoy it. And the interesting thing is that, this surfing place is actually an association which promoting surfing for everyone even beginner. Here we also met a German volunteer who works a surf teacher, what a wonderful job. 

By the way this month, we have very huge carnival happen in Famalicao, everyone is extremely excited about it, and even people from the towns like Porto and Braga also come to join us.  On 21st children are making parade in the city center and on 24th we have huge party all around the town. On that day, you could see people with interesting costumes everywhere even on the train. They were there joined the party and danced from 9PM till 4 or 5 AM in the morning. So obviously, you barely see anyone in the town in next morning

Lastly, for this journal I would love to say thank you to YUPI, VSA Thailand and Think bigger project to give me this incredible opportunities to explore the volunteer world in the different part of the world and realized how much opportunities European’s teenage have under the cooperation of Erasmus+. I will try my best to find the way to pass this experience and opportunities to new generation in Thailand too. And the most important thing, thanks for all association and every friends in Famalicao that hosting me warmly. Here, I always feel supported by everyone around me. You all mead this stay became even more meaningful. I will always keep this best memories with me all the time. Hope to see you all again someday, somehow.