VSA peace of village in Songkhla

I would like to know Thai cultures, education and customs, so I decided to join this program. At first, I was so nervous because I cannot speak and understand Thai. But many Thai people told me how to live or some Thai words. I really appreciate them. Everyone is so kind and friendly. I thought my first abroad trip was succeeded!!!

First week

We painted the tire colorfully and planted some plants. It’s too hotter than I expected in Thailand. When we completed work, I was so happy!

My host family’s mother took me to aerobic exercises. I did it for the first time, so I was a little tired…but I really enjoyed it!!

We went to local kindergarten and did some activities with children. I taught them English playing with balloons, and exercising with music. It was difficult to teach English but I had a good experience.

Moreover we made many friends there!

OFF day

We went TSU in weekend. We did some activities with local students and inter national students. Some local students sang Japanese songs! I was surprised at it and l was glad that they said me “I love Japan” or “ I wanted to go to Japan!!”

I enjoyed communicating with them, learned different cultures such as greeting or manners. I also made a lot of good memories.

Host family took us to waterfalls. I felt beautiful nature and saw wild monkeys for the first time! We enjoyed playing in the water.

Second week

We went to the school and taught children English. We had a lunch with them. Thai food is so delicious! Children tried to speak out English in front of others, so I was moved to my heart. They gave me a lot of good memories so I cannot forget them. Also, we went to the big temple. It was so gorgeous, beautiful, and historic. I was interested in some differences about tombs between Thai and Japan.

Overall, I had many precious experiences through this volunteer program. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved!

Best regards,

Koume Taniguchi