VSA 2401
(waste upcycling) story

I was nervous because it was my first time volunteering abroad, and I knew that it would not be easy to adapt to a new environment, so I thought it would not be easy at first. However, from the time I first arrived at VSA Camp to the end of the program, I was gradually getting used to the food, accommodation, and weather here and was actually enjoying it. 

The first week, the first activity was making flower pots using waste tires. This was an environmentally friendly activity by reducing waste and at the same time growing plants there. 

The next activity was making eco-friendly fertilizer using coconut shells and dead trees. This activity was thought to be waste and thrown away, but as it was reborn as fertilizer, it went from being useless and useless to being considered beneficial and useful. 

The third activity was to create a small farm where plants could be grown. Due to the nature of Thailand's climate, there is a lot of rain during the rainy season, which requires conditions to compensate for the high humidity and strong sunlight. Therefore, a space at a certain height from the floor was needed and a roof that could block rain and strong sunlight was needed. We built and constructed this structure out of wood and were able to cover the ground and create a small farm. 

In addition, the materials used here were obtained from locally available materials and made by hand using eco-friendly materials such as wood rather than rebar and concrete. 

Through this, it was possible to understand the relevant climate and carry out activities appropriate to it, while also carrying out environmentally friendly activities. After the activity was over, we were able to experience their culture by touring the surrounding temples and taking a walk around the area. 

Additionally, by eating dinner with other volunteers, I was able to understand each country's culture, such as the food of each country and their behavior according to the weather, and gained an understanding of global culture. 

Thailand was new at first, but as I gradually became more familiar with it, it gave me special experiences and unforgettable memories. I think I will remember January 24 as a really good memory. 

Shin jisang, Korean volunteer-VSA2401 Waste Upcycling Camp  - Songkhla 08-20/01/24