Story Telling October 

After the first month in Thailand i already could See so many differente things That i Never would have seen if i stayed in Germany. But of course what i have seen of Thailand was first only some parts of the north of Thailand and Not Even all of Thailand. So two other Volunteers decided with me to travel to the southern part of Thailand and explore it. After a few hours of planning and discussion we decided our travel route. We first of course wanted to go to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. After that we also wanted to see the beautiful beaches of Thailand and so we decided to go to Krabi. And when we talk about beaches you can‘t forget about Koh Phi Phi Island, which of course we also had to visit it. So that was our route. But of course we needed to start simple, where we drove with the bus from Chiang Kham to Chiang Rai. After that we stayed on Night in Chiang Rai, because we had an early flight to Bangkok. So after walking up at 4 we Made us ready and went to the airport where we catched our fly to Bangkok. After arriving in Bangkok we First went to a mall, because all of us were hungry so we wanted to eat something. After Rating went slowly to our Airbnb. It was really big and beautiful and Even had Rooftop Pool, which had a stunning view. In the evening we went out to eat. On the next day we wanted to go Shopping and visited to of the biggest malls in Bangkok, after finding clothes we went to the golden Mountain by a water taxi. 

On the next day it was very rainy so we couldn’t Go anywhere which was sad. On the next we were going to our next Location which was Krabi, of course we needed to fly to there. Arrived in Krabi we got a Grab, which is like a Taxi in Thailand and then go to our hotel. Straight after arriving we wanted to see the Beach and so we went there, after being at the Beach for quite some time we went to eat something and then got back to our Hotel. On the next we likely did the Same except we walked the Monkey Trail to another Beach, which was even more beautiful. But shortly after that it began to rain so we needed to go to the hotel and stayed there for the rest of the day. For the third day in Krabi we went to the Beach again and in the evening we went to a really beautiful and Great Restaurant where the Food was very delicous. On the next day we went to the Faire and went to Koh Phi Phi, but it was rainy the entire day so we couldn’t do much and that also applies for the other days, sometimes when it stopped raining we went out to eat or went to the Beach. But one day we went on a boat Tour, where we were Lucky That it was all the time sunny except for 30 Minutes, we went snorkling and looked at the beautiful nature. But after three Nights it was time to leave Koh Phi Phi and we went back to Krabi so we could catch our flight the next day back to Bangkok and then back to Chiang Rai. So this was our Travel tour. But ofcourse we couldn’t just relax anymore because shortly after we were back the school began, we in the beginning i was very nervous but That went away, because the the teachers and Students were so nice to me and because of That i was feeling way More relaxed than before and could teach all the way I want. And that’s it for October.