VSA2311-2 ICL Camp Songkhla

The 13th of November in 2023 - The 25th of November in 2023 Khlong Hoi Khong

The reason I participated in this program was because I wanted to spend at least a short period of time understanding the culture and way of life in a society where I do not speak the common language and do not know anyone. Of course, I also had a small thought that I should return the benefits I received from the global community. To that end, I thought it would be right to support, even little, the community where I would infiltrate daily life, so I chose this programme where I can teach English.

And I got more than I expected. Unlike my usual emotionless greeting, everyone at Khlong Hoi Kong taught me how to really greet each other. I learned how to love those around me and how to express my true feelings. I was really happy with my daily life here, enjoying festivals with strangers at temples, cooking with neighbours at the community centre, and trying to communicate with students who I do not speak the common language. It was a very incredible moment where I could live in the moment without thinking about the past or the future. Every time I said hello here, I received a smile. And, the smile that permeated me just by making eye contact was the strength that helped me live my daily life here. If I go back to where I used to live, I will not be able to live like this. So, I think the two weeks will be memorable for the rest of my life. Thank you.

The Story of Minhoo, volunteer from South Korea in VSA2311-2 InterCutural and Language (ICL) camp - Songkhla 13-25/11/23