Preventive Measures control the spread of the Coronavirus


29 February 2020-VSA Thailand

Since the pandemic of Covid-19 in on December 2019 and VSA has announced the 1st update situation 26 January 2020

To Prevent the spread of Virus, the following is preventive measures to control the spread of Covid-19 in all activities of VSA Thailand

IVS Workcamp/Project are running as planed

International Workcamps and Middle Long Term projects (MLTV)

All 23 international workcamps 2020 and Middle Long-Term project (MLTV) programs 2020 in Thailand are going to organize as planning program which was sent to partners.

Coorperation projects

Local InterCutural camps, Bilateral projects, Group projects and Eramus+ programs will be under consideration between project partners which will be informed to related partners or participants.

Preventive Measures control for Activities in Thailand

Incoming program

All incoming participants/volunteers are asked to bring their personal masks, always waring mask during the journey and always keep hygienic preventive actions

All incoming participants/volunteers will be screen by check point at the arrival terminals in Thailand. If there is no indicating signs, all incoming participants/volunteers will participate in VSA activities. If there are indicating signs, incoming participants/volunteers will be sent to lab test from arrival terminals in Thailand by staff of Department of Disease Control Thailand and quarantine14 days.

  1. All incoming participants/volunteers from high risk spread countries who has no indicating signs (Countries List Updated from Department of Disease Control Thailand) will be in VSA quarantine 14 days with following preventive measures
    • Stay at Arrival/Orientation quarantine for 14 days to ensure that incoming participants/volunteers have no develop symptoms including coughing, sneezing, panting or runny nose.
    • If there are indicated symptoms within 14 days VSA will report to seek medical care at the Prince of Songkhla hospital immediately.
    • During the 14 days staying, incoming participants/volunteers will need to always cover with mask and hygienic preventive actions. (See info. graphics below)

2. All incoming participants/volunteers who are not came from risk countries (Countries List Updated from Department of Disease Control Thailand)

    • If there is no indicating sign (pass check point at the arrival terminals in Thailand), all incoming participants/volunteers will participate in VSA activities as planned.
    • If there is indicators, (high temperature or any other symptoms occurred during the screening) the department of disease control will bring incoming participants/volunteers to lab test. If there is no positive result then all incoming participants/volunteers will be return to VSA activities/places and will be in risk control preventive measured for 14 days

3. All activities where related to school or education center need to ensure participants/volunteers who came from risk countries (Countries List Update from Ministry of Education)

Guidance for the travellers who came from risk countries

Avoid public transportation

Atay way from others at least 1 Meters

No Food/personal stuff sharing,

Wash hands immediately after trash tissue

Open the windows for ventilate

Sneeze or cough in tissue only

Always close toilet cover after used

Alwasy use mask

Stay still and report the developed symtops. Limited the visitors.

Outgoing Program

All outgoing participants/volunteers is asked to bring their personal masks, always waring mask during the journey and always keep hygienic preventive actions

  1. All outgoing participants/volunteers who ongoing traveling plan to participate in workcamp abroad will make decision with VSA coordinator to participate/postpone/cancel the program.
  2. All outgoing participants/volunteers who is starting to make decision to participate activities abroad will be recommend from VSA Team not to participate in risk countries (Updated in Department of Disease Control Thailand)
  3. All outgoing participants/volunteers who starting to travel will be trained on self-precaution.

Recommendation about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

  1. Recommedation for people who returned from affected areas (February 25, 2020 update)
  2. Prevention and Control Measures for COVID-19 among Passengers from Cruise Ships arriving to Thailand (February 23, 2020 update)
  3. Recommendations for People who live In Condo or Apartment (February 24, 2020 update
  4. Recommendations for meetings, seminars or other mass gatherings (February 11, 2020 update)
  5. Instructions for Self-Quarantine at Home For school and college students returning from affected areas (February 23, 2020 update)
  6. Recommendations for Wearing Hygienic masks (January 29, 2020 update)
  7. Recommendations for Restaurateurs and Goods Product Managers (January 29, 2020 update)
  8. Recommendations for Working Spaces and Organizations (January 30, 2020 update)
  9. Recommendations for Thai massage and spa massage managers (January 30, 2020 update)
  10. Recommendations for Taxis or non-regular route public carriers (rental vans, rental buses, rental airport buses) (January 30, 2020 update)
  11. Recommendations for religious places (Temples, Churches, Mosques, Shrines, etc.) (January 29, 2020 update)
  12. Recommendations for Military Bases (January 29, 2020 update)
  13. Recommendations for Educational Institutes (Primary phase of the widespread outbreak) (January 29, 2020 update)
  14. Recommendations for Places Where There are Large Gatherings of People such as Concerts, Sports Competitions, Amusement Parks, etc. (January 29, 2020 update)
  15. Recommendations for Operators in Domestic Public Transportation (January 29, 2020 update)
  16. Recommendations for Tour Guides (January 29, 2020 update)
  17. Recommendations for Hotel Operations (January 29, 2020 update)
  18. Recommendations for Tour Agencies (January 29, 2020 update)
  19. Recommendations for Self-Protection (January 29, 2020 update)


"We ask the volunteers to make sure that their travel is compatible with the most recent recommendations of health authorities with regards to the spread of the Corona virus. In case you are travelling from or recently travelled through a higher risk area, please check the health recommendations of the country where the project takes place, as restrictions may apply (e.g. ban, quarantine, isolation). We will take the necessary health precautions for our projects, but please contact your sending organisation to get more information in case you have any concerns."

VSA Measures TIME Line

26 January 2020 Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Situation

29 February 2020 Preventive Measures control the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)-VSA Th

12 March 2020 Official email update of VSA ongoing incoming volunteers to sending organization

7 volunteers ongoing projects

1 Polish - 6th (last) month ongoing project. (Media content creator)

1 Belgium - 2nd month ongoing project (Peace Village project)

1 French - 2nd month ongoing project (ICL Project)

2 Italians - starting this month (1st, 3rd Mar.) and on VSA preventive measures process (Peace Village project)

2 Greeks - starting this month (8th Mar.) and on VSA preventive measures process (Peace Village project)

12 March 2020 Official email about self-precaution to 8 ongoing incoming volunteers

22 March 2020 VSA Committee decided to stop all volunteering project to protect the concerning of the local community. All currently project will be finished on 31 March 2020 and there is no project on April 2020 until the situation will be in control. All international volunteer start to leave Thailand from 23 March 2020 (except Polish volunteer who departed on 21 March 2020) the last departure is on 28 March 2020.

6 April 2020 VSA started campagin VSA EcoLife, way to survive in past Covid-19 in Economy sufficiency idea

15 Apil 2020 VSA started to update IVS news from partners as the IVS Media Center in Thailand