WVA01 Rafting to collect garbage

2 July 2023

The traditional rafting to collect garbage at nakorm Nayok of green event group started since 2015.

Schedule 2 July 2023

07:00 - Meeting Point at PTT (PTT Public Company Limited Sanam Pao Branch)

07:30 - Departure by Bus

09:30 - Arrive at Wat Tham Sarika, Introduction and Worship Luang Pu Man, Wat Tham Sarika (There is noodle and drinks provided by temple)

10:00 - Departure to Nang Rong Waterfall

Lecture on environmental conservation and waste management

Garbage collecting

11:30 - Departure to Khun Dan Prakarn Chon Dam (sign seeing for 20 minutes) and Lunch

13:00 - Rafting to collect garbage @Nakhon Nayok river

Everyone need to wear life jacket, 8 people per rubber boat, every boat will have a local people to taking care (there is accidental insurance)

The route starts from Tha Dan Bridge, Passing through Kaeng Khot Kung, Koh Kaeng, and three-tiered rapids and ends at Ban Kaew Riverside. A total distance is about 8 km. There won't be much garbage at the rapids and the water will flow fast. Everyone have to help each other row the boat through the rapids. It's a unity practice. After passing through the rapids, the water will flow slowly because it is a tourist attraction, drinking, eating, socializing, and there are shops selling food and drinks along the river. Therefore, there is garbage such as plastic bags, water bottles, beer bottles, etc., floating along the water. Everyone help collect garbage bags onto the boat as well. )

16:00 - Departure to Rong Kluea Market 2 for shopping

17:30 - Return to Bangkok and will arrive about 19:30 - 20:00

*Schedule might be flexible on the activities date.

Frequently question

The strength of the water rafting is divided into 5 levels. Where we go is level 1-2, which is the basic level. Older children can join and everyone must wear a life jacket. There are staff members in the local area operate 1 person per boat which will be trained in how to control a rubber boat and save drowning people from government agencies. There is an accident insurance of the Nakhon Nayok Rafting Association.

The specialty of the rapids here is that you can go rafting all year round. Because it's water controlled by a dam gate. But it must be on a holiday because the dam will release water on holidays especially for the community's tourism business. Therefore, it is different from other rapids that can only be rafted during the rainy season.

Total number of participants: 40 

Number of international participants can be accepted: 10

Participation fee: 2,000 include

What to bring: Cloths after rafting