VSA1410 Learning Home/ Community Living Camp (New) ENVI/AGRI/ RENO/EDU 09 - 21/06 (June) Songkhla 10 Vol.

InterCutural and Language (ICL) camp (Learning home) - Songkhla

Background The language learning center is called “Learning Home” and they create a summer course for the children in the rural community, which started 7 years ago. The children come to learn and share during the morning and afternoon with a Thai teacher.


Volunteers help in the l class by demonstrating English pronunciation and teaching basic English through games, songs and crated activities .The children age from 6 – 18 years old.

Location Learning Home Klongla sub-district Klonghoikhong district, Songkhla

Accommodation and food Volunteers stay at the Learning home. Volunteer will stay together in one room, with separate areas for males and females, Volunteers will take turns to cook Thai food, and you should bring some ingredients from your own country to share with other international volunteers to create intercultural exchange.


Hatyai train station

Hatyai bus station

Hatyai International Airport

Leisure Activities

Local Temple

Water fall

Klongla resorvior

Fee 8,000 Bath

Special Remarks You should love to be with kids if you chose this project.