VSA Volunteer: Lookwha

I am a member of VSA Thailand I applied to be a volunteer for 2 months while my school break because I want to improve my English and could do something benefit for society. When I was at Learning HOME I got many things from there such as we had to cooked, shopping fresh food at local market and cleaning the house by ourselves .

I got to learn new things from Jam, she helped me everything ,taught me how to cook food, cleaning and washing although she had a lots of work as a staff. I really enjoyed the time there.

I was with foreigners friends all the time they taught me many experiences from their countries and exchanges their culture. I taught them to speak Thai and told them about Thai culture. Moreover I learned how to plant organic vegetable with international volunteers, we also stayed with the host family and they are really friendly.

After that I joined international workcamp at the temple we  helped to clean and we stayed with new volunteers Ale, Simona from Italy and Julia from Luxembourg she is really a great friend she helped me everything, she is so kind and friendly.

Pong, he is a VSA active local member, he is so funny and always playing guitar for us like a entertainer, Marrit she come from Netherlands she is so nice she is like my sister.

When we have free time on weekend we would love to go to the beach at Songkhla town for relax and chilling. That was really nice moment

I think VSA gave me the knowledge as my school because I could learn and got many experiences from there more than the school, At learning HOME was very nice place even some how also need to improve. But there is a great place, everything is okay  I have to say thank you Kroo Tum and P'Jam to gave a chance and took us to travel every  places we went.


Rossukon ketkaew (Lookwha)

May 2016