VSA Peace Village-Coconut Camp

1-14 June 2019

By Saniya

Hello everyone. My name is Saniya, I am a third-year student at the Prince of Songkla University, Pattani campus. I start doing my first project with VSA Thailand at Thanaporn Gardens. I am doing coordinator at the farm. I have done a short term project with volunteer from Czech Republic. Her name is Hanka. She's very kind and I am happy so much for spending the time about 2 weeks with her.

Firstly, we start this project on 1st of June. We live at Learning home about 5 days for orientation and we move to the farm at 6-14 till we finished this project. Moreover, we are not only having farm activities we also have a teaching program at Primary school. we both very happy to go and teaching there.

Secondly, during we are at the farm. We did a lot things about coconut, such as how to plant coconut, how to open a coconut, and make dessert also make coconut oil. We are really enjoying with coconut program. Hanka is very excited because she is never doing about coconut before. I can see it, she always took a picture with every actives we did.

Lastly, I am very thankful to VSA for giving me this chance. If I am not doing intern with VSA. I have no idea where I can get the best experience like this. This project gives me a lot things. It's also made me grow up, made me how to decide by myself, made me how to solve with any problems. Thank you VSA.