Happening/VSA in April

VSA in April กิจกรรมดีๆ ในเดือนเมษายน

Let's see what have been done in April since 2008. It's 7 years many projects have been done in April, International Workcamps, Middle Long Term volunteer (MLTV), Group Workcamp, VSA Education (ICL Summer School) and Nonformal Education, Thai volunteers outgoing, VSA Members activities and of course big cerebration for Thai New Year; Songkran Festival.


Orientation week! 1 - 5/04

With 9 participants , 2 international volunteers, 4 Thai outgoing, 1 VSA member and 2 active member.

On Going International Workcamp!

VSA1504 Peace Village - Nakhon Ratchasima 06 - 18/04

On going MLTVs!

MLTV1101-1 InterCutural and Language (ICL) - Songkhla

1 international volunteer is teaching at Summer school project.

MLTV1302 Songkhla ZOO - Songkhla

3 international volunteers.

MLTV1303 Folklore museum on Yo Island - Songkhla

3 international volunteers.

MLTV1403 Buddhism Community - Songkhla

3 international volunteers.

MLTV1502 Peace Village - Nakhon RatchaSrima

NVDA EC Meetng 14 -17/04

Asian Youth Leader Trainng 16 - 20/04

JAVS 18 - 22/04


Up coming International Workcamp!

VSA1405 Thai New Year Songkran Festival Camp 7-15/04- Songkhla

VSA1406 InterCutural and Language (ICL) camp (Learning home) (New) 14-26/04- Songkhla

On going MLTVs!

MLTV1101-1 InterCutural and Language (ICL) Songkhla EDU/KIDS

MLTV1103 Recuse

MLTV1302 Zoo

MLTV1304 Clay House

Group Workcamp (Family) 8 -18/04 - Learning Home, Songkhla

Learning Home Summer School

Non formal Education-Rattaphum

Training for Trainer in Vietnam

Job shadowing in Italy

NVDA EC Meeting in Vietnam


๘ - ๒๐ เมษายน ๒๕๕๖ VSA1307 Culture/Festival Camp CUL 8-20/04 Songkhla

1. Lucille Migette F/23

2. Boye DU F/21

3. Marie Ollivier F/28

4. Louti BROEKSMA F/18

๑๕ - ๒๗ เมษายน ๒๕๕๖ VSA1308 Renovation/Peace Village Sustainable Camp REN/ENV 15-27/04 Songkhla

1. Taiki WAKAHARA M/20

2. MIRA SEO F/25

MLTV1101-1 Education/Creative English Teaching Songkhla

Lex BORST F/18 SIW The Netherlands April - 20 May 2013

MLTV1102 Renovation/ Peace Village Sustainable Learning Center Jan.-Oct. 13 REN/ENV/EDU/AGR

Chi Fat Wong M/24 Hong Kong

Axelle Ituze F/19 Belgium

Lise Talon F/22 SVI France

Pauline Grézaud F/22 SVI France

VSA Education Summer School on April


VSA1204 Culture/Festival Camp - Songkhla 09/04 - 21/04

1. HATTORI Emi (F/21) NICE - Japan

2. JIN SUNHEE (F/22) Korea