Tool Fair Training Slovakia by Ava

If go back in time is possible.  I believe that most humans would like to going back in time to make or fix things in the past that have made ​​mistakes. Some people complained when got opportunity . But could not made anything.  Some people requested opportunity once again to get back in time to make it better than ever. But that was just an idea or a dream. Because every minute ,every hour, that passed in our lives then. No one will be able to delay or resurrect bygone time to recovery.

Same as me I still remember the occasion. And tend to question myself that, why not? Most people would think it was too late. And when I had an opportunity to go abroad for tool-fair training program I’ve done my best. I fully prepared myself because I don’t want to be regret after the time pass away.

Throughout the 12 days that I lived with new experience. It weighed a short time period, So for this station. I’ve got a lot of experience and that experience change me a lot after I came back from Slovakia. I feel I gain a lot of confidence. I do not scared to live in the big world. I have change my opinion about how to see the world. And many thing what I have changed.


And one more good experience for me from that training program is I met with a good - good people from around the world they are people who are ready to change the world for be better and better.

…………….Love it…..Love all of friend who are came to take this training program……………

……………….Thank you all of supporting……………














Ava, Amena Kaseh