The letter from Thai volunteer

I have been at VSA Thailand for about 3 weeks now. When I first arrived I was impressed, and surprised by the rural atmosphere that surrounded me. The first day I came to the VSA Peace Village was during their first English Camp named InterCultural Language (ICL). I had the opportunity to teach children, it was the first time in my life to teach. Foreigners came from many countries with different cultural backgrounds to teach and help out the environment in Southern Thailand with VSA.

At first I was tense and nervous because this was my first official volunteering day. I now have close friends from different nationalities by spending time with VSA volunteers. I am now accustomed to speak English and understand many different cultures. I can now safely say it all was worth it to volunteer with VSA at the Peace Village. I learned the most wonderful things through this ICL English Camp. The classrooms were different at this camp then at a traditional public school, but it was still enjoyable. The English Camp is now over. With only one month, you can not really know the English language.

There are many Thai and foreign friends here at the camp. We all work together to prepare food for each other, and when the food is finished we all sit down at the long table and enjoy the delicious food. Before we start to eat we all say together: “Thank you for cooking”, and then say it in every foreigners language that is present. There is abundance of food because we grow some of our own food, and VSA is also in the works to grow more vegetables and fruits in the future to become its own supportive community.

The Peace Village welcomes everyone who wants to learn English, as well as welcomes foreigners to come volunteer, and learn the Thai Language and Thai Culture. Living in the multicultural environment anything is possible to learn and accomplish. Each volunteer that comes brings their indispensable generosity and hospitality to the Peace Village because they truly care about making a difference for the ASEAN community and the rest of the World. I am pleased to be a member of VSA, and thank family and friends for supporting me to be apart of this exceptional organization.

Jar, Thai volunteer

June 2012