Temple Construction workcamp

The workcamp started on the 7th of October 2013, and for the next 12 days eight volunteers plus the camp leader lived in a temple. It was located in the region called Ban Khok Sang, the south of Thailand, about one hour train ride from Phatthalung

We all slept together in a big open space function room, a central part of the temple.

Every morning we woke up at 6:30am, observing the monks starting a day with breakfast they received from villagers. Then at 9am we started to work around the temple. During our stay we almost finished a waterway connecting the temple's bathroom to nearby river: It was made out of stones and cement, all by our hands. Other activities included planting trees, picking up garbage to keep temple's yard clean, and helping to make decorations in preparation for a big annual ceremony every villagers longed for.

Many villagers and often a monk came out to work with us, showing us how to make cement for example. They were all very generous, kind, and friendly.

After working for a few hours we cooked lunch in a rota, cleaned up the dishes and took a nap before continued working till 4 pm. We also enjoyed time to relax, have a chat, play with the local children or talk about our home countries. By 9 p.m. we settled for night, taking a Thai bath then setting up a sleeping mat with net.  It was very rich experience to appreciate local life and cultural exchange in all aspects.