STEPS Training in CYA learning center, Cambodia

The first question popped up on my mind “Why do I have to go there?” after I was invited to participate the Strategic Training Empower and Processes (STEPs) project on 10 -15 of August, and then many questions were continuously following. Finally, after I finished training I found there were many things and experiences during activity that why I should go there.

Firstly, learning new experiences, my first time in Cambodia was an exciting thing. After the plane took me to land of Cambodia, I cannot let my eyes closed. Something was similar in Thailand, something was different. It was surprised there were Tuk Tuk like in Thailand, but the shape of car was more comfortable. A coordinator from CYA who was the host took me and Parin from the airport to restaurant for lunch. It was the first meal in Cambodia. I ordered a Cambodia noodle, it was every good. After that we went to CYA office in Pnom Penh. We met 2 participants from RUCHI India. We stayed there for 2 hours, then went back to the airport for waiting another participant. Almost 7 p.m. Every participants arrived to the airport, we continued to travel to Kampot district where we will do training activity together. During travelling, both side of the road was the green rice field till arriving to CYA learning center at Kampot district. The center was simple building among the rice fields and local houses. I felt a best place to spend life, or work as a volunteer with local people. Furthermore, the food cooking by the director’s mother was delicious especially, Bahn sroung, a noodle with coconut milk.

Finally, friendship, everyone came from different countries, languages, and structures of organization. After we shared experience or food during break time, discussed the problem each organization, learnt each culture, and worked by group, and had meal together. We had more relationship. Moreover, I got friendship from Cambodian villagers and Japanese volunteers as well. Although sometimes I did not understand what they said, we tried to talk and smiled that was a good thing I got from them, and made me felt they were friendly.

STEP is not only the name of project, it is a thing that every organization is doing or developing to be a perfect organization. We turn back to check what we were, then forward for the better future. After finished the training, I learnt many things, and a word is “Step by step, but do not stop to step.”