Seeding Social Innovation in Local Communities

This project is for supporting youths to build up their capacity in social innovation and entrepreneurship to create sustainable development in their local communities.

The training is held in Hanoi, Vietnam from 21st to 27th February 2016 with 30 participants from 8 countries around the world (Croatia, France, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Peru, Thailand and Vietnam).

Travelling to Hanoi from Bangkok is not complicated, from airport to the city center takes 45 minutes by taxi (costs $19). From what I heard before, it is busy and noisy city. Realistically, it is as what I heard, but bearable. You can find budget hotels almost every street here with a lot of tourists everywhere.

We stay in budget hotel and location is fantastic, easy to access to many attraction in Hanoi. I went out to walk around Hoan Kien Lake every morning. Weather is good not so cold, 14c.

Our training is held in ‘café’ (it is a dance floor at night) so atmosphere is quite enjoyable. There is also outside terrace that we can go out for activities and fresh air (less polluted than Bangkok), 5 minutes walk from our hotel.

The first day starts quite intellectual with lecturer from Associate Professor from Bulgaria. Since, we have participants from Asia, Europe and South America; it makes our discussion very interesting from different mindset.’ Some people think so differently that create debate on almost every topics, but it is fun.

Everyone needs to be flexible as many things can change last minute. Like timing and method of presentation which we prepare all night long with less sleep, but at the end we did not use it instead we have to perform (acting). It is what you can learn, ‘situational management’.

During the training, we share and exchange projects in our countries and it might be helpful to others more or less. We can see the situation in different countries that can be worst than us.

The best part is creating 5 minutes campaign (clip) for the project with time given of 20 minutes, but at the end we use 40 minutes. It is super tuff from brain storming to video; create short movie and download to youtube, but we made it!

Food is quite good especially dinner. We have a chance to eat Vietnamese (local), Thai and Korean BBQ. What I love the most is breakfast with Vietnamese baguette. However, few European cannot eat the food, it is more to Asian’ taste.

Overall, good project, good experience, good cultural exchange, good learning and good new friends

Pear, Parin Charoenchanaporn