Peace Village Organic farm

Green beans


1/Green beans seed






The green bean basket is located behind the kitchen , in the shadow.


1/First day: put half of a packet of green bean seed in a pan, watering and then let them in it one night.

2/The next day: take the basket and put the beige filter in it then the green plastic net sheet on top of it.

Put the green beans on it and start again on the top by putting another beige filter, green plastic net sheet and beans.

You can do 3 level maximum in the basket, depending on how many seed you have .

When you are finished with the different levels , put a beige filter on top of them and finally cover the basket with some sheet to protect the bean from the sun.


The cooking team is in charge of watering the beans , and should water them through the sheet , with a full watering can 3 times/day:

¨ in the morning ,

¨ Noon

¨ in the evening.


You can collect the beans 3 days after the process and ENJOY!

Sajor-caju mushrooms



2/Clean water from the faucet


Situation :

The mushrooms are in the last bungalow ( Jampa ) behind the organic farm .

Process :

1/Every morning , the watering team should water the mushrooms with clean water from the faucet ( not from the river ) .

2/Put the water in the big bottle which is above the mushrooms on the wall and the water will flow the hole day.

Don’t put the water directly on the mushrooms! !


1/When you see mushrooms out , you can pick them but only when they are brown/white and big but not when they are too dark and small.

2/ To pick up them you should move them softly from left to right then from up to down . Don’t forget to clean the leftover of the mushroom in their bag with the spoon.

3/ In the kitchen , cut the end of the mushrooms, then take the scale , weight them and write it in the book finally put them in a plastic ,close it and then in the fridge .


TEW, Organic Farm Manager