Museum camp

In the museum camp, we started our work on Tuesday, 14th May by having a massive cleaning day. We helped the staff in the museum to clean and preserve exhibition items. On 15th May, we learned about the museum by having a tour in the museum. After that, we divided into groups to help the staff in cleaning, revising guide book, improving English, taking photos, being guide for Lao students, etc. In the museum, everything is so nice, like the accommodation, food and sea view. Everyone in the museum is so kind. They helped us a lot. They prepared food for us, took us to many nice places and took care of us everyday. The director of the museum is a very nice lady. After we finish our work, we can relax in everywhere in this beautiful museum. We can see the long Tinnasunlanon bridge, Songkhla city, and Yor Island. I love this place very much. The work in the museum was not too hard and we liked it so much. We got to learn about the museum and the culture of Southern Thailand. On the last day, we joined the cultural tour of the museum. We learned a lot about the culture of Southern Thailand, went to many nice places, have a lot of nice local food and met a lot of kind people. I enjoyed this camp very much and look forward to my next camp!.

Bright, camp leader

15 - 25 May 2013