Link 2 Continents Training in Thailand  by Taam

Looking back to my training, Link 2 Continents project under “Identity and Culture”, at Phuket in Thailand during 18 – 23 May 2017. “First time” the first word was popped up in my head. Then, many questions were following “What should I do? How to prepare? What is about activity? How can I help, or be useful for this activity?

The 12 participants came from 2 continents between Asia and Europe. We had spent time for 6 days. The first day we started by getting to know each other activities in the morning, the activities and learning Thai culture and language. Although there was raining in the afternoon, we still did activities outside. The participants divided into 2 groups, and had to find something different from their counties. After that, we came to the meeting room. I saw my friends brought fruits, tools and souvenirs. We shared the information about the things that they brought. Then the participants played the role-play regarding cultural shock during activity outside.

 Next day, we started by finding definition of culture, identity, and citizen. I learnt the concept of “iceberg”. On the afternoon, we went to visit Karon municipality, and the school where we will do activities with students. At that night we called “Intercultural night”. The participants showed their cultures such as traditional foods, video presentation countries, and dressing styles. We shared and learnt the different cultures. It was wonderful night.

After the second day, we found the definition of prejudice, and workshop activities.

We joined activities at the school under the supervision of Karon Municipality. We divided into 2 groups created, and played the game with children in kindergarten school.

Time flied for 5 days! I learnt the new experiences, shared different cultures from participants. I can adapt many new knowledge that got for activity in Thailand. I am more confident after this first training program. All of questions that I had before this activity were answered. Be confident when you meet someone. It was a good experiences although sometimes I had misunderstand with them, or someone our group had some problems, finally we resolved that together.

Now I can call them “friend”, it is not only participants who I have known. Lastly, I would like to say thank you for the good opportunity. It was an important time I have ever spent in my life. Thank you.

The last day of training program, we worked on roundtrip booklet. Create ideas, contents, task divisions, and training evaluation. At night we had goodbye party. It was time to say everything to everyone.