Kate ICL Teaching Trainee

Kate is ICL Teaching trainee with VSA on July. She took care of 3 schools in Klongla Sub-District, Ban ton San School, Wat Leab school and Klongla Kindergarten. She also helping ICL at Learning HOME and join VSA activities since she was high school.

Now she back to university for her last year before graduation at Prince of Songkhla University, Trang campus in Hospitality major.


I'm Kate. I'm studying at Prince of Songkla University Trang Campus. My major is Tourism Management. I'm happy to share my experience in Teaching Camp. When I was young, I really wanted to be a teacher but when I was growing up, everything has changed. On July,1-31 ,2014 I had an opportunity to teach at primary school. I developed great friendship between me and my students. I enjoy helping them get their first start in leaning English. I can make them feel happy with my English class. This is one of best feeling that occurred to me.