Job Shadowing in Poland

It was my first time in Europe and everything there made me excited – the weather, people, and culture etc. The first day I arrived at Warsaw, Poland. I touched the window of an airplane with my hand before the plane landed. I was really excited about the trip. When I arrived there I had a friend pick me up from the train station and then I took a train to Wroclaw. I slept on the train. When I arrived at the camp in Poland, the staff from Semper Avanti came to meet me, and they were warm and friendly. The first night I hung out with all of my new friends there. Most of my friends were there and they were really nice volunteers from EVS. I’m really glad I met them – they taught me how to cook, about shopping, and about their life there. I forgot to say, I went to Wraclow because of Job showing projects. I have to thank the person who made this project, not only did they provide me with a lot of opportunities and experience, they helped my organization in Thailand and I came back to share this with another volunteer. In the camp, I saw how they worked and enjoyed the time with my friends there who volunteered for EVS. We had many parties and a nice programme for visiting Poland. I learnt how to cook from my international volunteer friends, how to shop European style, and how to enjoy my time there with local European friends. I have to say that I thought everything there was good. I loved the strawberries, cherries and raspberries there so much… so much cheaper than in Thailand lol! I also tried local food that I really liked so much, such as pierogi, as well as nice vodka (strong alkohol!). I have to say it was a good experience.