Internship: 2017 Jul-Aug

Internship Life of Asma

HI ! I’m Asma. I’m an Internship student at VSA organization for 2 months. I started from June and finished on July. The reason that I chose here is I want to practice my English skill. During I worked here I stayed at apartment in Hatyai. I start to work at 09.00 am and finish at 05.00 pm. Every morning I toke the local public bus to go to the office. It takes time about 15-20 minutes.

My work at the office is about documentary and as coordinator. Someday I go out with volunteers. Every Monday and Tuesday ,we went to the VSA organic farm and another farm. We mixed the soil for seeding and make the fences. Every Wednesday and Thursday, we went to Wat khoksmankhun school as translator between foreigner volunteers and student. Volunteers went to this school for teach English.

We teach primary 1 and primary 2. When we were the school, the children come to us and hug. They always called us “teacher…teacher…teacher…” it’s so grateful. During teaching it’s so hard to control them because they always walk and play in the classroom and I told them “sit down”, ” be quite”. I’m so tired but I’m very happy. And every Friday, We might stayed at the office visited another farm and visited another volunteers who live in Songkhla.

On June, there are 8 volunteers. There are 5 from France (Bastien, Adrien, Guillaume, Loic and Lea), 1 from USA (Ana), 1 form Japan (Yuta) and 1 from Thai (Lookkate). On July, There are 8 volunteers too. There are 3 from Spain (Almu, Eva and Alvaro), 2 from Italy (Silvia and Guilia), 1 from France (Greg), 1 from Check Republic (Eliska) and 1 From Hongkong (Mariam). Glad to meet you all.

At 1st-5th of every month is orientation week. The new volunteers must to participate to learned about Thai culture and Thai language. And doing activities for make a relationship.

Internship at VSA organization, I can learned everything. It’ s not just how to do work but I get more than this. I learned about culture, language, lifestyle, though and disposition of who come from different country and we shared and exchange together. And I get a new experience because something I never try it before. My mission is complete.