VSA1602 Organic Agriculture Camp of Non formal Education learning center 08 - 20/02


As the world’s food problem grows, we recognize that making one’s own food is important in the22nd century, so to learn basic how to produce our food is become more important again for human being. We have to going back to the nature to keep our world sustainable.

Non formal education learning center is a public learning center for all the people especially for the poor and disawatant people in country side those who are leek of education and opportunity can come to learn, train and study for their career and get higher education. Organic farm and non-chemical agriculture is one of the main project here for the people can learn, get better job and earn more money. The center rent some land for poor people to do organic agriculture. So it’s time for us to give them more hand to support the idea of the center. Moreover, volunteer will learn to share various planting ways between Asia and western styles from volunteers.

Working Volunteers learn and share organic farm through local agriculture philosophy. Volunteers will prepare soils, plant and take care of plants by watering. They will also eat organic vegetables from organic farm.

Location Non Formal Education Learning Centre, Songkhla

Accommodation and food Volunteers will stay at dormitory. Men and women are separated. Bed, blankin and pillow are provided. Toilets are Thai style (sit on your heels) showering is done by dipping a bucket in a bowl of water, then pouring the bucket over yourself. Toilet paper is not provided, but can be purchased at local stores. You must take off your shoes before entry the house (normally in everywhere in Thailand you need to take off your shoes before going indoors)

Terminal Hatyai train station, Hatyai bus station, Hatyai International Airport

Leisure Activities Samila beach, monkey mountain, walking street.


Fee 9,000 Bath

Special Remarks Cultural respect, open mind and love for learning and sharing.

By Tum VSA