International Voluntary Service in Asia 2014-15

แผนงานเครือข่ายอาสาสมัครนานาชาติในเอเชียในปี ๒๕๕๗ - ๒๕๕๘

Biannual Plan of NVDA for 2014-15

- Create peaceful, fair and sustainable Asia & the world! -

มาร่วมกันสร้างสันติ ความยุติธรรมและความยั้งยืน ในเอเชียและโลกของเรา

International workcamps

(group living type of international voluntary service projects/ mostly short term)

LMTV projects

(Long and Middle Term Voluntary service / mostly individual type)

1) Overall view

1-1) List of the main actions

Besides the actions listed in the above tables, there are many other ones such as;

* Over 1,000 i.v.s. projects and the relative activities annually organized by the member NGOs

* NVDA actions planned without specific dates, especially by Quality/ Impact Working Groups

* NVDA tasks by Secretariat, Executive Committee and the other member NGOs.

1-2) Asian Development Goals through i.v.s. (ADGs)


1-2-1: Aims to make ADGs

1) Raise recognition to the impact of i.v.s. properlyJ

2) Explore potential power of NVDA & its membersJ

3) Contribute to the world direction from grassrootsJ


A) Not just make it, but keep seeking to get impactL

B) Need to present effectively & keep sharping visions

C) Impact is various and invisible, so limit for editing

1-2-2: External background

Just now, UN agencies, advocacy NGOs, etc. are making the post MDGs (Millenium Development Goals)/ SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). So, by utilizing this timing, let’s make our own long term goals that could be better ones and anyway necessary!

* Ex. Director of CCIVS is managing the team in UNV.

1-2-3: Internal background

NVDA has sometimes made its long term goals (e.g., 10 years goals at the Annual Meeting in 2011).

* NICE made the modified version of MDGs in 2006.

* CCIVS made the White Paper of i.v.s. in 2010-12.

But we have not made really comprehensive, common, concrete, long term/ external goals so far.

1-2-4: Process to make ADGs

2014/01: Brainstorm, make a draft, start a team!

2014/02-10: Develop the contents and participation through workcamps, LMTVs, meetings, AVS, etc.

2014/10: Sharpen the content in the EC meeting!

2014/11-2015/01: Collect feedback from Members

2015/01-02: Complete in the Annual Meeting

2015/03: Actively present and keep revising.

1-2-5: Important points

1) Make it together by many members and people!

2) Not only advocacy, but combine the actions!

3) Not to be too extreme not to damage the projects!

4) Get benefits for projects since we will spend power!

5) Get input from external specialists in a proper way!

6) Have “SMART” goals with visible indicators!

1-2-6: Structure of ADGs

< Big visions of P.M. civilization >

E.g. “Colorful & healthy world”

< Each theme >





< Common matters >

Peace/ Solidarity


Social welfare


Active citizenship

Partnership/ involvement

Human growth

< Development of i.v.s. itself >

Finance/ Resources

Impact/ Recognition

Training/ systems

PR/ Advocacy

[ In each charter ]






1-2-7: Feedback in the 10th TNW

* Topics: Visa/ Safety/ same as Post MDGs/ Empower new NGOs/ Funding/ Balance of exchange

* Structure: Fitting to our daily project background/ Share best practice and obstacles

* Process: Make together with local governments/ Should not scare new NGOs, but should not be too easy. Guidance, report, etc. are needed.

* Target year of Goals: 2025 (10 years goals & plan)

2) International voluntary service movement in Asia


There are over 1,000 international voluntary service projects organized by the member NGOs every year where over 12,000 volunteers and millions of local people join for environmental/ developmental/ cultural/ educational/ social issues of the local to global communities.

The detailed plans are made by each NGO in partnership with local partners/ hosts and other stakeholders, so you can check each website;

(From Biannual Report 2012-13)

< Number of Projects Organized >

< Projects rate by theme (2013) >

< Ranking by countries (2012-13) >

3) Projects and Actions of NVDA

โครงการและกิจกรมต่างๆ ของเครือข่ายอาสาสมัครเพื่อการพัฒนาเอเชีย

3-1) Regular Networking Projects

3-1-1: The 10th TNW with the 9th GA

[ What is TNW & GA? ]

TNW (Training & Networking Workcamp) with GA (General Assembly) of NVDA gathers top leaders from i.v.s. NGOs in Asia and the world to;

1) Improve and develop projects & management

2) Help starting i.v.s. projects in “new countries”

3) Strengthen common actions & partnership

It is very rare, unique way of GA in a workcamp style in the local project of the host NGOs, where they work, discuss and have a fun together in a simple and enjoyable collective life.

It is held every two years and hosted by a member NGO by turns, open to all member NGOs and some NGOs in “new countries” where there are no i.v.s. yet and from partner networks.

< Summary >

< Schedule >

< List of Participants >

3-1-2: The 11th TNW with the 10th GA

This will be held in 2015 Jan.-Feb. instead of the Annual Meeting, that was usually held a year between the biannual TNW & GA as difined in the constitution, by the decision of the 9th GA.

The place and the host organization will be selected by the Executive Committee in the end of March, 2014 after an open call to all members.

By Tum VSA Thailand, all the information from NVDA.