InterCultural Food Challenge

'Southern Thai Spicy-Sour Curry Scatophagus and Coconut offshoot'

Scatophagus fish' found only in Songkhla Lake Thailand (Thailand has only one lake which is Brackish water

'Coconut offshoot' found the most in Southern Thailand where plants lots of coconut trees and using all parts of coconut in daily living.

The taste mixed with Spicy curry (Chili, garlics, turmeric) Lemon shrimp paste (super typical Southern Thai)

This dish good for air blowing inside body because combine lots of herb for air flow.

This is hot dish mean the food that balance your cool body

In eastern theory we belive in hot, cold food. If you are eating the right food, your body will be balanced by food and no need medicine as food is a medicine.