ICL Camp Chiangmai

"Time you enjoy wasting

is not wasted time"

 This quote is always seen in many places and I totally agree.

2 weeks at Chiangmai is worthy. In the very far country side, there’re so many people like you and I who are needed something simply necessary. Education and opportunity, I and foreigner volunteers headed up to the school located on high mountain. This is our first meet and we’re going to work together. Interesting activities and plan had been made up for almost 800 students. We teach English and exchange our language including cultural exchange such as making Japanese and Thai food. Outdoor activities and English camp. All things go well and I couldn’t explain how much we were happy both volunteers and student. But The very impressive moment for me is to know that I can give them motivation. One day while we were having classes activities. I was asked by a student who politely disturb me by showing up their hand and shot me with a question that I’ve never imagined before “Are we disadvantaged children?” I felt as if I was shot in somewhere on my body..I suddenly look at their eyes and told them “Anything is possible,listen to me closely child. You can do anything you want to do and be anything you wanna be, There is no doubt at all” After this camp I see they have more inspiration and enjoy spending time with me and all volunteers. Imagine that somebody who never known each other before. Come and work for a social together. We get paid by those innocent smiles and always be surrounded by children. What’s better than this?  


Camp leader

What a fantastic trip!

Firstly, I am very surprised at the trail which leads me to the school. It seems dangerous to drive if you are not careful. In contrast, Mountain view is quite spectacular, the air is fresh and foggy and flowers are blooming. At school, I met Thai People who are very hospitable and kind especially camp leader. She always helped and supported campers a lot. Besides, she is also humorous and sociable. Students here know very little about English even it seems hard for them to count numbers. Therefore, it is also hard for us to let them understand what we want to express.

We started with the cultural exchange lessons, activities, English camp for the students. What made all of us difficult was how to choose activities so as to suit the level of the students. We also thought a lot about it; however, everything was ok. Fortunately, students seemed eager for it and that brought happiness to us.

I also made new friends and three of them were Japanese; however, what I was impressed was the fun and humor of them. As a result, I cannot resist laughing when chatting with them.

What was more important was that I had the chance to learn more about the culture and cuisine of Thai people. But frankly speaking, it was wonderful. As far as we know, Thai food is very spicy. Although I like spicy food, they are spicier than I thought. That made my Japanese friends hardly adaptable. We were took part in cooking Thai food with the teachers at school. It was interesting and the food was delicious and that was also a farewell party. Wow, great! What an amazing summer. Bye Chiang Mai!

See you soon