I got to give

I’ve already been staying in the Peace Village for 2 months. That made me learn a lot. I will never regret for my decision in going to the Peace Village. This experience makes me to be more mature . I learned to give. And learned many cultural differences by living together with many people around the world. Now, I already graduated from my undergraduate study. and I want to work for the benefit of mankind. This make me do as I wish. I am very happy with my life here. I love Peace Village because it allows me to meet many new friends . I joined a lot of activities in the Peace Village. I joined “VSA1306 Construction/ School Renovation Camp”, in this camp we constructed a public building in a primary school. After that I joined the “International Camp Leader Training” where made many new friends. Last month I taught sciences to primary school students in Summer ICL in the Peace Village. At the same time I joined the “VSA1308. Renovation / Peace Village Sustainable Camp” to be a camp leader assistant. I look forward to being a camp leader in June.