Golf Nattawut Jantawong

Golf, VSA trainee with clay house camp experience. The second camp of her trainee time with VSA.

“This was my second work camp which was about building a clay house in Prachuapkhirikhan.”

The clay house camp was held in Prachuapkhirikhan. The camp was held from 2nd of December 2013 to 14th of December 2013. I went to Prachuapkhirikhan from Hatyai by train. This was the first time on the train.

I arrived at Prachuapkhirikhan on 3rd of December. We met the camp leader named Bird and also met new friends who will work together with us. One was Japanese and two were Koreans. Then we all went to the clay house camp and we had an orientation.

The first day, we made the bricks from the clay to built the wall of the clay house. We were tired but we had so much fun. It was also quite interesting because this was the first time for us to make bricks. As we worked every day, we became closer to each other and we built a strong friendship among us quickly. Once in a week, after work in the morning, we went to school to do some activities with the students. We also painted one of the buildings in school.

After every dinner, we learned some English and it was very impressive.

As 2 weeks passed, our clay house was nearly finished. 2 days before the workcamp, Bird and I tried to make pizzas to make everybody surprised at the party. And last night we had a funny party. We were very happy to make a great pizza.