Girl Scout Group With Agri-Nature Foundation

This is my second time volunteering at Maam Aung, where we worked together with a group of girl scouts from Belgium.

This is agri natural camp, where we grow our own vegetables, build our own little clay houses and make tools that we use in daily life. All of this is based on living a sufficient and humble life, following the original model of the Rama nine. In the camp we have living areas, a temple, and a school. We helped them build cray houses, which is where the Belgium girls really enjoyed working because a monk who is in charge of this field would turn on music for us to make it more enjoyable to work there. We also built bricks from clay to make clay houses and form the walls with these bricks for the clay houses. Another job we did was farming. We took grass out from a bean plot and cut rice trees. We also taught students French and English. The Belgium girls cooked crab cakes for everyone in the camp and it was delicious. We played buddy and budder game to get to know each other more. Two days before we left this camp, we took classes about how to make soup and shampoo and even learned Thai massage there. On the last day, one of the staff members there, Phra Sangkom, took us to Pattaya beach by car. He always takes good care of us. He also cared if some of us would get confused and misunderstand cultural differences between their home culture and Thai culture. So he would try to explain everything to us in detail. I truly appreciated everything he did for us. Every staff member there is very kind and amazing. Students are also nice and respectful. I also made four new friends from Bhutan. They are really nice people as well. Lastly, this camp has taught me so much and I am so very thankful to everyone that contributed to make this camp happen. I have learned so much and gained valuable skills, lessons, friends, and memories that I will cherish forever.

Birght / Camp Leader

Hi, my name is " Kanyarat R." But everyone called me Benz. First of all I will tell you about my dairy timetable when I was living here in Chonburi.


5:30 a.m. wake up

6:00 a.m. watering / take care buffalo

7:00 a.m. breakfast

9:00 a.m. start working

(Break time 15 minutes)

12:00 am lunch

(Break time 15 minutes)

16:00 p.m. finish working

18:00 p.m. dinner

21:00 p.m. bed time

To be honest, I found this timetable very difficult to wake up in the very early morning but after about three days, I think I get used to it, so at the moment, I realized that if I work up in the every morning, I can do more things and of course, get more time in everyday life. I have to thank this school a lot for giving me this lesson.

Secondly, I really want to tell you that 'this is my first time seeing the buffalo' not only just seen it, but also I have touched it. I don't know when have fallen in love with all of the students in the school that always help me in every single thing. Especially, a little boy called "Ja" he is very lovely funny boy who help me watering the tree in every morning. After the working in the morning, I have a breakfast at the temple. I don't mind the food here because I'm a Thai and love Thai food.

Next, the work about building adobe house is so much fun. I have never known how to make a brick or build the clay house before. However, this work made me feel actually die after that when I realized how "hard" and "hurt" my back was. I need to thank 'P Kung' who help me building and also teaching how to do everything. He is a very nice person for me, he always help everyone that he could, not only just "P Kung", but "P Bright" is also the hard-working man for me who faced to every problem for everyone. In my opinion, he has never "feared", but "faced" it and fight with everything he could. He made me feel like he is my friend instant of leader, I can tell him everything.

Last but not least, the students such as Oishi, Gam, Fah, Ohm, Sonam, Baby, another two Bhotan, Daimon, ect. are really NICE and LOVELY. If I gonna come back, the student will be the main reason for me. Especially, 'Chin' is a funny guy that always made me laugh at the same time as scared me. I know these all fine. The most important person is 'หลวงพ่อ'( Phra Sangkom); he is the one who know everything about me such as what I was thinking or working at that time without the words from me. I have to say like he can read all my mine that I have tried to keep inside, but also I can't keep it from him. Thanks a lot for taking care of me during these 8-9 days. I really want to say this 'I have fallen in love with this place'

Benz 17/07/2014